Angeles City Bar Girls are Escorts

Every country has it’s own hobby culture and customs. While most developed countries provide an open culture for commercial companionship where it is normal to just call up an escort from an online site or a printed media advert, it’s a bit different in the Philippines (there is a saying: Only in the Philippines!). Escorts ads are not coming to an customer on call, but the customers has to go to a bar and pick a girl to come with him. One of the most famous places with bars full of Filipina escort ladies is Angeles City.

Angeles City Sex Clubs

This city in the province of Pampanga hosts a large strip of bars where scantily clad bikini Asian girls dance on a stage. Some of the bargirls just dance a little infront of a pole while others perform cultural shows and choreographed dance performances in groups, body painting and other erotic stuff. These 18 to 29 year old ladies show off their bodies in hope to attract a customer to barfine them for the night. Once a customer barfines a girl he can take her outside and hire her as his personal escort for whatever they both agree on. It’s a business between consenting adults and escorting ladies expect a small tip from their customers. In some cases the barfine is also related to as early work release or special ladies drink as prostitution is technically not legalized in the country. However, this is usually not a problem as long as both parties are consenting adults.

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There are various strips with bargirl establishments in Angeles City:

Fields Avenue – this is the largest and most well known part. It’s also referred to as tourist district because it’s mostly frequented by foreigners since normal Filipinos can’t afford prices. Most bars are rather large, modern and well lit with neon lights. Some feature dance shows. These are mostly open from 6 pm until 4 am. Not too much happening during daytime. Most famous bars include: Blue Nile, Club Atlantis and Brown Sugar.

Blow Road – a dark side street off of Field’s Avenue. Mini bars with very cheap prices for blowjobs and drinks. Places are rather dark, seedy and dirty. Quick sexual relief is priority here. Bring your own condoms. Not far off there are three more Pinay whore houses on Raymond Street, just 3 minutes of walking distance.

Perimeter Road – very long peripheral strip with bars scattered around from Lewis Grand Hotel until Friendship gate. Most of them are daytime bars opening early afternoon and closing before midnite. Perimeter bars are frequented by local expats and long time tourists due to their cheap prices. Establishments are not very modern and cheap in comparison to Fields Avenue. Girls are fun!

A typical night-out in Angeles City tourist entertainment district with one female companion including drinks, meals and hotel accommodation can cost anywhere from 50 US$ for budget minded tourists and around 150 US$ for normal to generous gentlemen. Highrollers can easily spend much higher amounts. Compared to other Asian entertainment areas like Singapore or Hong Kong, Angeles City is probably the cheapest venue for Filipina escort encounters. It’s also much cheaper compared to Manila, Quezon City and Cebu. On the downside, there is little else to do unless you are into golf, poker or volcano trekking.

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