Bargirl Body Painting

Atlantis Angeles City

Group of Filipina bargirls who participated in bodypainting show of Atlantis Club.

Club Atlantis in Angeles City, Philippines, and other venues here always conducted body painting shows and contests. It’s considered body art and therefore not as a lewd show (as lewd or nude shows are frowned upon). It was always possible to take photos during such events in the past, but the wind has changed. Larger bar no longer allow their patrons or staff to snap images. Good old times are gone, but there is still some fun to be had.

breast painting

Loud music and dancing during contest of body painting AC

Some other bars like Babydolls used to have their topless hostesses being bodypainted every day. It starts to look funny when people sweat and colors fall off similar to snakes who wear off their old skin hahaha.

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